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I woke up early to go to saturday Cross fit! It was fun. I found out that 45lbs is way too easy for me for deadlifts. Here is what we did. 

Warm Up: mobility stretches and lunges

The work out: 4 rounds 20 reps of each

Toes to Bar (ughh I’m getting calluses)

Box Jumps (Finally made it on to the box 20” So excited)

Burpees (bleh)


Ok, so I weigh like 85lbs (nobigdeal i’m only like 4’7” ) 

But this to me is a big deal, I dead lifted 65 lbs :D I felt pretty awesome afterward. so yay me! 

OWww Todays workout :)

Warm up with stretching, Jumping Jacks, Toe Touches, Arm Circles, etc.

27-21-15-9-3 (Reps of each)

Walking Lunges with Overhead weight ( I used a 20lb kettle bell for the first 2 rounds and then switched to 15lbs)

Pull Ups (or rows with the hanging hand thingys)

Pylo Push Ups ( I reallly suck at push ups, I did these on my knees, without a clap in between)

After all that do 100 leg lifts ( lying down, do 10 at a time, if you can kick up at the ceiling)

Here is what we did tonight at crossfit :) MY arms hurt soo much.

21-15-9 reps of each

Man Makers <—- (aka HELL for your arms)

Pull Ups

100 Flutter Kicks

50 Sit ups

4x30sec planks

OK!! I will actually post what we did on Monday..I forgot. :) 

Warm Up: Jump Roping (double unders if you could…I could not, I can barely use the rope, so I did  it without…) 20, 40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 240, 180,120, 80, 60, 40, 20…. Basically…lots and lots of jumping.

3 Rounds…As a group get to the rep count on each exercise (adjust rep count for the # of ppl in the group) We had a group of 5 people

Definitely have a white board and a calculator handy. 

Round 1: 500 reps of each 1min. intervals.  

Side Lunges

T push ups

Walking Lunges

Oblique Crunches.

Round 2: 500 Reps of each. 1 min. intervals

Mountain climbers


Lateral Jumps over a mat

Shuttle Runs (only do 100 of these)

Round 3: 1 minute each of each 


Side Planks

Flutter kicks

I’m running a 5k this weekend! Yay!! Its for our animal shelter, which is pretty exciting, there’s gonna be puppies and kittens and dogs!!!! 

The animal shelter where I live is no longer owned by the county, its a private organization AND a NO KILL shelter!! Which makes it all the better, they are raising money to build their new facility which will have a lot more room for the animals and be much cleaner than when the county had control over it! 

I had so much fun at the gym tonight. Here is what we did:

WU: mobility stretching, 1min of butt kickers and crunches.

400m run

15 Power cleans (I used a 30 lb bar)

6 burpees facing the bar (jump over bar in between each one)

25 air squats

800m run

repeat the above exercises (save the 400m run for last though)

5 min. of rowing

1 min of bicycle crunches 


I am so sore from monday still though. I will post what we did monday in a few minutes. 

I have probably already posted about this BUT MOTHERFUCKING CROSSFIT GYM 3 BLOCKS FROM MY HOUSE YO! AND IN THIS TINY ASS TOWN! Hells yes!! <3 I already signed up!!! 

Yayy Went for a run today, its been a lil while. I don’t know how far I ran but I know I gave my max effort and thats what counts :) 

Hmmm, How long after I eat should I wait to go for a run?

I messed around with using my new exercise ball. I think I got one that was a bit too big for me, but I’ll make it work. I have terrible balance.. holy crap. 

Now its time to do some yoga!! 

For anyone interested. My calorie count was: 1050. (remember I am only 4’8” and I am trying to lose weight) Fitness burned approx: 235( according to web MD) for a total of: 815.

59% carb

20% fat

25 % Protein 

Once I get some more cash I will be able to have something other than pasta for lunch. :D  Pretty good for being on a grocery budget of $12. and working with what I have at home. 

I worked my ass off today :D  I ran 2 miles on the elliptical in 18:50. A new personal record for me. And then did another 1/3 mile cool down. Afterwards My friend and I did some ab stuff for about 15 minutes and then we stretched.